July 27, 2006

Well it's about time soldier!

GI in Subic rape case undergoes DNA testing
By Tetch Torres

A BLOOD sample was taken Tuesday from one of four US servicemen accused of allegedly raping a Filipina last year after the presiding judge dismissed an appeal by a defense lawyer not to subject his client to DNA testing.

"The only thing that can stop [us from] taking [his] blood sample is if he will admit [that] he had sex with the complainant," Judge Benjamin Pozon of Branch 139 of the Makati City regional trial court said.

Following Pozon’s order, the Philippine National Police-Crime Laboratory, led by Senior Inspector Teresa Bodo, got a blood sample from Lance Corporal Daniel Smith to determine whether his DNA profile would match the one that was found in a used condom and on the underwear of “Nicole,” the court-appointed pseudonym for the victim.

Smith has been accused of allegedly raping “Nicole” inside a moving van at the Subic Bay Freeport, a former US Naval base, on Nov. 1, 2005 while Lance Corporals Keith Silkwood and Dominic Duplantis, and Staff Sergeant Chad Carpentier cheered. (Originally published on INQ7.net on July 25, 2006. Click blog title for the rest of the story. In photo is Lance Corp. Smith courtesy of Phil. Star web site.)

THERE ARE just more important issues than Gorilla's State of the Nation Address last Monday. Why listen to lies anyway? This Subic rape trial in itself, speaks of the true state of the nation. Without the help of caring private lawyers and an enlightened Makati court judge, as well as militant women's organizations, this case would've gone away without Gorilla even having a hiccup. Just remember how her crochety Justice Secretary wanted to let off the three other Marines easy despite allegations that they were laughing and cheering on the primary suspect, Smith, as he was banging "Nicole". This and other previous government stumbles (such as not arresting the suspects and jailing them immediately), show how Malacañang chooses to maintain its somewhat fractured ties with the US government than keeping this case alive.

And like I said in a previous post, if these Marines have nothing to hide and strongly believe they are not guilty, then giving up some of their precious blood for a DNA test should not be a problem. That was just bad public relations on their part for their lawyers to even announce that they wouldn't participate in a DNA test. Guilty or not, perception is the key. These guys badly need a good publicist. In fairness to the accused, I have yet to make up my mind on whether they are guilty or not. What is important is to hear all the evidence first, histrionics aside. And that's why it is vital for the four Marines, especially Smith, to give their DNA samples. If not for Nicole's sake, but for their's.

What is also important is that this case not be forgotten as soon as coup rumors are instigated by the powers that be in Malacañang. I have no doubt that those guys up there are gleefully fomenting the rumors themselves so that the citizenry forgets the real issues of the day. Frankly, it's pathetic the way Malacañang keeps harping on the coup. It just exacerbates Gorilla's weakness and plunging popularity.

By the way, give a listen to this week's PINOY POD interview of Irwin Ver, son of the infamous Marcos henchman, Gen. Fabian Ver. This is his first interview in a long while and he speaks about the day they found themselves in Hawaii instead of Paoay (it really was not a joke guys!) and not being at the bedside of his dying father.

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