November 19, 2006

Honest saleslady declines reward for returning P55,000

By Bernadette Parco
Cebu Daily News, Nov. 19, 2006

A FORMER saleslady of a department store in downtown Cebu City was commended for returning an envelope that contained P55,000 in cash and a passport to a customer last Oct. 9.

Jocelyn Manigos, 21, politely refused to accept a reward from the owner of the valuables, Tomas C. Yu, chairman and warden of the Australia-Philippines Foundation Inc.

Yu sent Cebu Daily News a copy of his recommendation letter addressed to Gaisano Group of Companies president Dr. Edward S. Gaisano, wherein he expressed his gratitude for the saleslady’s deed. He said that the envelope contained $1,000, P5,000 and his passport.

He commended Manigos for her “rare sense of honesty.”

“I offered a reward for Ms. Manigos. But the sale lady politely and promptly refused the reward, not even a cup of coffee,” he said in his letter.

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Manigos is really commendable!It's rare to find honest people nowadays!

Anonymous said...

or you might say there is one born every minute.