December 09, 2006

Stick it to 'em, RC!

Renato "RC" Constantino, Jr. at the anniversary of People Power at Edsa, Feb. 24, 2006. (Photo from Red Constantino's blog)

HURRAY for RC Constantino for calling House leaders "serial rapists" to their collective selfish face! It may not have been the proper place and time to do so as it was a press conference, but it had to be said nonetheless. The truth hurts you asswipes!

It's time you administration congressmen start paying attention to what the public really wants. Con-Ass, my ass! Who said we wanted constitutional reforms? All we want is for government corruption to stop, a thriving economy, higher wages, and peace and order. Con-Ass, Cha-Cha, Con-Con or whatever scheme you want to use to amend the Constitution will not give us economic and political stability.

Mickey Mouse Ears and his colleagues should stop using the poor economy as an excuse to push Cha-Cha. You only have yourselves to blame with your screwing around with economic legislation, or at worse, sitting on them. The only reason you want to amend the Constitution is for you to perpetuate yourselves in power and for you, JDV, to finally get a shot at being the Malacañang resident.

Toward the end of his statement at the press conference today, Mickey Mouse Ears said all they wanted was to leave a bright future for the youth. Well the only way that can happen is for you to move over, JDV! You are the ass among your fellow cons in Congress. You and your ilk should have already been put out to pasture eons ago. It's time for the young people, to lead the country out of the frikking mess you and your fellow senile old coots in Congress and in the GMA administration put us in. Alis jan Mickey Mouse!

(Footnote: Whoa Vic Agustin! Now what was that business of throwing water at RC Constantino's face? Is that how a "kept man," as you like to call yourself, moving around in the circles of the alta de sociedad, is supposed to behave? I like you and your column, but man, that behavior was just outta line! Tsk, tsk, tsk.)

• More on the Con-ass/Cha-Cha/Con-Con debate from GMA News TV and Dong Puno.

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