March 29, 2007

The most annoying people on TV

1. Rachel Ray

This cook (please don't make the mistake of calling her a chef!) is extremely annoying in her new show. Why do we have to listen to her give us advice on hair, makeup, fashion? I mean c'mon, she can hardly cook if it weren't for readily available mixes and ingredients from the supermarket! Now we have to take advice from her regarding the right shoes to wear or how to fix up our homes?!

And notice how loud she's become? She's like all over the place yelling EVOO, Yum-mo and all imaginable stupidities. She reminds me of Love Anover who was so fabulous when she was on Probe. Then she joined GMA's morning show and she just became deafening! Just because you're short you don't need to shout to get attention. I don't know what Oprah was thinking when she decided to produce Rachel's show. Just because she can't cook doesn't mean she has to go on and produce a cooking show and model Rachel after her, talking about life's problems and fashion issues. The woman is hardly qualified to talk about these topics. She should have stuck with her 30-minute meals show. Geez I'll pick Martha anytime over Rachel Ray's show.

2. Kris Aquino

Just because she gets a kick out of displaying and talking about her entire life in public doesn't mean she has to force her contestants to do the same. What's with those personal questions Kris? You're audience isn't even interested in what your contestants are saying, just what they do to win the grand prizes. And what's with the long gowns? Parang pupunta ka sa graduation ball palagi? Feeling mo si Vanna White ka? I'm so glad Edu Manzano has taken over Kris's show. We hope it becomes permanent. Now that's a good game show host for you. Hey why isn't any network giving Edu his own talk show? He deserves one.

3. Senjaya Malakar

What's with this American Idol wanna-be? The past two installments of the Idols' performances showed that he can let his hair down (or up as in last night's ponytail mohawk) but where's the vocal prowess? He was good in the auditions and vocally stronger than his sister, but ultimately, its experience that counts and he lacks enough to give depth and emotion to his performances. I think his sister would have been the better performer in the end. What's more, this idiot makes lame retorts to Simon's critiques and fails miserably. Now I hear there's a YouTube member, "J", who has vowed to go on a hunger strike until Senjaya gets voted off the show. I might just join her.

(UPDATE: Curly-haired and chubby Chris Sligh has just been voted off. Too bad, because he is actually a good singer but last night's performance was just his weakest. Read it on GMA News TV.)

4. Angel Jacob and the US girls hosts

I used to like Good Finds until Angel Jacob took over. Her voice is pitchy and irritating, and she talks like she's reading off a script all the time. I can't stand five minutes of her show which has just become a jumble of boring features and subjects. Bring back the witty Jenni Epperson.

I don't know the names of these US Girls hosts except for Angel Aquino. She's the only one who is smart and articulate among the three. The names of the other two hosts are not even worthwhile to remember. The show, which was meant to replace the well-polished and sophisticated "F", is now just another pa-cute show where the hosts try to get away by looking great instead of sounding intelligent. Angel, umalis ka na 'jan at baka mahawa ka pa sa dalawang 'yan!

Is it true Amanda Griffin is getting her own show on the Lifestyle Network?! Oh no, this is when "F" started sounding inane. Amanda's forgettable food reviews: "It's good, it's really good!" Girl, you better bring your thesaurus to those shoots! (What's a thesaurus daw? OMG!)

5. Willie Revillame and the Eat Bulaga hosts

Do these hosts really think they're funny? Eat Bulaga has long outlived its entertainment factor it should be shut down. Individually Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto may be wits, but together, along with their hapless supporting cast of thousands, they are just lame and depressing. Mag-isip naman kayo ng bagong show noh? Di na kayo nakakatawa! In hindsight I actually liked Joey de Leon a few times when he co-hosted a public affairs show. And what the heck is Tito Sotto thinking still hanging around that show? Wala bang natutuwa sa 'yo sa Senado? Maybe it's time to move on guys and reinvent yourselves. You're too old to be acting silly like you do on your show every day. Iskul Bukol days are so over!

And Willie Revillame? Gads, what a bore. He thinks he's so frikking handsome and witty I'd like to throw the dining table at the TV set everytime I see his face. I don't know why ABS-CBN is still keeping this guy despite his faux pas. His personal life is disgusting. But more importantly, he's not funny! Doesn't anybody over there get it?

All these hosts are so like Jay Leno who now has to resort to toilet humor and sex jokes just to get a rise from his audience.


Anonymous said...

i wholly agree with "wowowillie" being on that list.

enough of his whining cries and cristy-fermin-like blathering on tv. enough please. like he means it.

Ruby Gan said...

hey stella!

how true, how true! we share the same pet-peeves! i hate the local shows because they're boring and insulting to the intelligence of the viewers. ang tingin yata nila, parang tanga lang lahat ang mga nanonood eh. and why do local newscasters have to use that tone - sobrang lakas at parang nasusunog na ang buong bayan?

hay..when can we have some sensible shows ba? pag hindi yun nang-iinsulto ng mga contestants para matawa ang viewers, ang mga viewers naman ang naiinsulto sa kababawan ng labas! talo, kahit saan tignan!

Anonymous said...

You are only jealous to kris Aquino,because she got it all,brains,beauty and a lot of bread!We misses KRIS.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Now YOU'RE annoying, anonymous! Hala, ayaw ni Kris ng bad grammar, noh?!

Anonymous said...

People listen to them because they have successfully created their own brand and whether you like it or not, people go for brands they like.