April 18, 2007

Pwede ba, kasuhan na 'yan!

Borgy adversary getting support of 'other victims'
GMA News TV 04/18/2007 | 01:03 PM

The family of Carlo Brown, a scion of the prominent Pardo de Tavera clan who was reportedly mauled by a party led by commercial model and TV host Borgy Manotoc earlier this month, is getting the support of "other victims" to boost the case being prepared against the son of Ilocos Norte Representative Imee Marcos.

Radio station dzBB reported Wednesday that Carlos' mother, Mara Pardo de Tavera Brown, said they are now coordinating with the other reported victims of Manotoc.

One of those who promised to help strengthen the case against the model and television host is Dr Rey Fong who said his son was mauled by Manotoc in Boracay two years ago.

(More at Basagulero Borgy.)

LOOK the issue over this basagulero Borgy has gone long enough! Can the victims of this has-been model file their cases already? The problem with the families of his victims, they keep on playing out their issues in media. No one has actually hauled this idiot Marcos scion to court to teach him and his friends a lesson. Kaya nagiging abusado e. And as usual, here comes Mommy Imee to the rescue! Naku, Imee, hindi mo pinakain kasi ng Promil 'yan e!

It's about time that companies stop getting Borgy as their celebrity endorser unless they want their products identified with the arrogance and wa-class behavior of this hijo de alta sociedad. Imagine he even wanted to run for Manila mayor? Horrors! Disappointed that his modeling career is now going nowhere (e hindi naman talagang gwapo kung di lang me pangalan e!), now he is trying to live it up vicariously through his Lola Meldy! Binola pa ang matanda para maglabas ng jewelry line! Hesus!

The Bureau of Immigration should also take a look at the papers of that troublemaker, the model Ornussa. What's up with this girl anyway? She keeps figuring in these violent and near-blows incidents involving her boyfriend Borgy. Instigator! Feeling sexy tapos pag pinansin ng mga lalaki, feeling binastos? Dahling, you should feel flattered men are lusting after you! If you don't like it, then stop dressing up like a sex object or magkulong ka nalang kaya sa bahay? Does this woman have the proper alien working papers to begin with? Maybe it's about time she's sent packing to wherever rat hole she came from. E dito ka lang naman sumikat noh?! Excuse me hon, aren't your folks guests here in this country as well? Sic 'em, BID!

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Ruby Gan said...

hay naku! totoo yan! ang hirap kasi dito sa atin, puro angal pero walang aksyon! kaya marami ang umaabuso! kung aangal, gumawa ng paraan; kung walang gagawin, tapalan ang bibig at wala silang karapatan!