February 14, 2008

And the winner of Amazing Race Asia 2 is...

...NOT the Philippine team unfortunately. Awww...did I hear a collective sigh of disappointment amongst you? Ah well, when it came down to it, brains won over brawn so the Singapore team of Adrian Yap and Collin Low won the last challenge which was to identify all the flags of the countries the teams visited, and put them all in order. I dunno what Marc Nelson was thinking...he did say he was good at geography, so why did he allow his partner Rovilson Fernandez take up the challenge. Hay anovayan, boys!

(Love your hot bod, Marc! Photo from Kapamilya Photos)

But okay lang actually, because the Philipine team did so much better this year than in the first race last year when Ernie Lopez and his wife Jeena were the first to be booted out of competition. So Marc and Rovilson landing in third place really isn't so bad. The boys performed extremely well and were the most focused among the teams. It's just a bit disconcerting considering that they had consistently landed first place in most of the race's legs! I was literally on pins and needles watching tonight's final episode. It was a nice touch that the boys unfurled and ran with a Philippine flag even if they came in last of the three teams. Hay, sexy ka lang talaga Marc. Now take your shirt off and kiss me. All will be forgiven!

But then it was almost like a fairytale ending where the lead in the story, always with some sort of disadvantage or disability – in Adrian's case, he is hearing-impaired – wins the girl. In this case, he and Collin get bragging rights as the first place winner of this year's race AND! $100,000! Actually I had a sneaky suspicion that they had won the race as their Sony handicam and TV ad kept on playing towards the last legs of the race. Ah well, these guys really deserved it. The winner was a toss-up between the Singapore and Philippine teams so it's good the Singaporeans won. These guys are smart and always remained cool under pressure. Furthermore, Adrian was a good example to all different-abled and physically-challenged individuals by showing that his disability was not an obstacle in accomplishing menial tasks nor grand productions. Bravo!

(The Singapore team of Collin, left, and Adrian. Photo from The Star Online)

Well I was really surprised the Chong sisters of Malaysia made it to second place, beating out the Philippine team. They were constantly fighting and calling themselves stupid. Honestly, I didn't think they stood a chance in making it to the top three. Pamela, the squat sister, just constantly screamed and hurled all sorts of insults at her prettier sister Vanessa (who lost her memory temporarily after diving into a pool, poor girl). Well, this is really what you call, a surprise ending.

To all the teams, congratulations on a job well done. I'm looking forward to next year's exciting , ay Amazing pala, race.


Anonymous said...

they alternated roadblocks...marc already did 6 roadblocks rovilson 5 so the last roadblock was really rovilson's

grabe marc's photo...nagsikip ang dibdib ko....hehehe

Stella Arnaldo said...

ay ganon ba? sayang.