March 30, 2010

Taking care of our skin this summer

I asked my dermatologist, Dr. Reena C. Corona, FPDS, of La Nouvelle Image for some tips on how to take care of our skin during summer.

“Cleansing the skin daily is important all-year-round. Twice a day is ideal—upon waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. I always remind my patients to use the correct skin product for their skin type: normal, dry, oily or combination. There are times when our skin appears normal but in the summer seems to be oilier, or in cold weather appears to be drier. Our aim in cleaning the face is to remove contaminants from the environment, sweat, excess oil and bacteria to avoid infection. Overcleansing, such as by washing excessively, or overstripping even normal oil from our face would do more harm than good.” (Click Something Like Life for the rest. Photo from

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