April 27, 2010

Live! from New York! heeeere's David Letterman!

Oopsie! Actually, it's the new U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry K. Thomas Jr. Here he is in his first YouTube address to all of us Pinoys, along w/ a few of his colleagues at the Embassy.

Ang cute ng Lolo nyo noh?! Don't you super appreciate his efforts to speak in Tagalog? Todo-enunciate! hehe.

Don't let the mega-gilagid smile deceive you though. According to American national security expert W. Scott Thompson who appeared in ANC's The Rundown, Ambassador Thomas is the real thing. Having this guy in these parts is a big deal. It's not true that the man has big shoes to fill bec. of his predecessor's record, bec. in fact, she was such a lightweight and apparently, didn't give an accurate picture of what's been happening around these parts to Washington.

The new ambassador means business, w/c means, the U.S. has its eye on us. So the presidentita better not try anything stupid during the elections. Big Brother is watching.

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