October 07, 2010



That bombing off De La Salle University last Sunday at the traditional salubong for bar examinees was a despicable act perpetrated by one human being to another. How could anyone justify lobbing a grenade at a crowd of would-be lawyers—kids really, who had just finished a grueling four Sundays of exams—just because his fraternity had a run-in with a rival frat?

To me, that was the most supreme act of cowardice, dude. If you think you were being such a big man then, you weren’t. And those who continue to coddle you and hide you instead of bringing you to justice to accept punishment for that foolish, nay, that terroristic act, are equally guilty of being cowards, and criminals. (Click Something Like Life, Oct. 1, 2010 for the rest. Photo from the film, Batch '81.)

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