April 08, 2011

Worse than Charlie Sheen

WHAT'S worse than Charlie Sheen ranting on the air vs 2-1/2 Men producers and his ex-wives?


I don't know how TV5 management can allow Revillame to return to the air with the way he shot his mouth off. I'd lose all respect for the network's owner Manuel V. Pangilinan, if Revillame's allowed to get away with what he said tonight. Just how low will you allow your company go? This is certainly not the way to make your climb to be best network in the country.

And honestly, Mr. Pangilinan and other TV5 network bosses...is Revillame really worth all that trouble he brings you? Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile here's the press statement of Unilever on Willing Willie and similar live game shows on TV:

Unilever Press Statement on its sponsorship of live game shows on TV

Other advertisers which earlier pulled out from Willing Willie here.

Kudos to Dennis Garcia who started the ball rolling by publishing all the brands which advertise on Willing Willie and calling for an ad boycott. To everyone who also helped push the ad boycott by writing to the show's advertisers, congratulations!

I will sleep well tonight knowing that 'people power' helped push Willing Willie off the air! Yahoo! ;p

Cheers to the best news ever! ‘Willing Willie’ to go off air for 2 weeks, Revillame says Woot-woot! ;p

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