October 28, 2011

Excited over ketchup


This is the newest ketchup variant for Heinz. It's darker and according to the Huffington Post, the balsamic vinegar rounds of the flavors of the ketchup in an umami sort of way. (Read the rest here.)

And Harry Wallop of the The Telegraph says:

"The taste is unmistakably tomato ketchup. It has the same immediate hit of vinegary tartness, followed by a teeth-stripping sweetness. But whereas ordinary ketchup has little, or no, "finish" as wine tasters would say, the balsamic version has a depth to it. The flavour is darker and richer, with a definite hint of tamarind, one of the key ingredients in Worcestershire Sauce. It is genuinely sophisticated, without taking away from its basic ketchupness." (The rest here.)

I'm thinking...ketchup for grownups! Hope Heinz brings it over here real soon.

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