November 26, 2011

Christmas magic!

CHRISTMAS is really such a special time of the year when all magical things happen!

One of them is the Spectacular Spectrum, a symphony of Christmas lights and music at the Ayala Triangle Garden in Makati City.

It's a really awesome show, which can be enjoyed by the entire family. Major aliw factor!

Just to give you a taste, here's an excerpt:

ANOTHER thing you shouldn't miss is the Pablo Picasso Suite Vollard exhibit ongoing at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila.

I'm no art critic, so kindly excuse me for not describing what's featured except to say these are about 100 prints of copper etchings by Picasso. Most of us are used to seeing his work in oils on canvas or sculptures, so these copper etchings is a new medium to me. And I found them truly remarkable and inspiring whether they appeared to be just simple doodles to completely detailed drawings.

According to the MET website:

"Commissioned by the art dealer and editor Ambroise Vollard, Pablo Picasso created one hundred copper etchings between September 13, 1930, and march 1937 that have come to be known in art history as the Suite Vollard....

"The complete series includes three portraits of Ambroise Vollard, five plates referred to as the Battle of Love, or Rape, created in 1933; forty-six plates from The Sculptor's Studio (forty etchings from March 20 to May 5, 1933, and six between January and March 1934); four plates of Rembrandt (created July 27-31, 1934); fifteen plates of The Blind Minotaur, created from May 17-June 18, and September 22-October 22, 1933; and twenty-seven varied compositions. The etchings do not follow a logical sequence in their images; their chronology follows more current events and the artist's personal experiences." (Click the MET for the rest.)

(From the minotaur series)

While you're there, check out the gold and ivory exhibit at the lower level of the MET. The gold pieces may not be as stunning as those displayed at the Ayala Museum, but they are still lovely to look at.

The pieces are indicative of the superb craftsmanship of early Filipino artisans who painstakingly etched, cut, or strung these delicate pieces of gold together to create jewelry and fashion accessories to be worn on their clothes.

The santo niños and the crucifixion piece made of ivory were splendid as well.

(The Holy Family, in ivory.)

There are also some pieces of renowned Filipino painter Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo displayed on the ground floor, as well as a photo exhibit of life in Spain.

Entrance to the MET is only P100. Check out the museum website for details on other ongoing exhibits and museum hours.

(And my apologies to the MET management for shooting these photos. I knew it was prohibited, but I just want to encourage the public to view your treasures. Pls. forgive me.)

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