May 17, 2007

Melinda exits 'Idol'; what the...?

MELINDA Doolittle, the best contestant that has every graced the American Idol stage, is gone!

Again, what the....? How could this be? For someone who delivered consistent performances throughout the duration of the contest, she was expected to be a shoo-in for the finals. What a range! She was great in jazz, country, pop, even rock for heaven's sake!

But then if you look at the past winners of the show, most of the best singers actually didn't win. Remember Mandisa? Again, she was the most vocally prepared and strongest of all the contestants last year, even Barry Manilow told her he would hire her if she didn't win the contest! But she too had to go, not even coming close to the top three contestants.

But I guess you can't deny the shrieking fans surrounding Blake and Jordin. If you watched the homecoming clips, the hysterical fans were all kids! They are exactly the ones who would be patient enough to keep dialing in to make sure their favorite would win. Sure Melinda had her fans too. And coming from a southern state like Tennessee should have had a lot of support. She did/does, but they weren't as crazy for her as they were for the young Blake and Jordin. Melinda's groupies were older, more mature Bible thumping believers, you know?

This is really a sad day for Melinda believers like me. I hope Simon gives her a job. She's way better than those fake pop opera pretty boys of his anyway.

My prediction of who will win as Idol? I think it will be Jordin. I think Arizona, like Alabama, just knows how to take care of its own.

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