July 13, 2007

Philippine president condones child abuse/pedophilia

(Jalosjos photo from the web.)

Below is a portion of the letter to the public of the victim of child rapist Romeo Jalosjos, whose jail sentence has just been commuted by his friend and political ally, Presidentita Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

"Mismong Presidente ng Pilipinas ay kumakampi kay Romeo Jalosjos, child rapist. Paano humaharap sa sarili nila at sa ibang tao ang mga kakampi ni Romeo Jalosjos? Paano nila nasisikmura na ang mga kinakampihan nila ay nanggahasa ng isang bata? (The President of the Philippines herself has taken the side of Romeo Jalosjos, child rapist. How do the allies of Jalosjos face themselves and other people? How can they stomach the fact that they align themselves with someone who has raped a child?)," read the letter to the public.

"Wala ba silang mga anak, kapatid, pinsan, apo? Wala ba silang takot sa Diyos? Wala ba silang kahit konting awa? Wala bang natatakot na manggahasa muli ang isang child rapist? (Don’t they have children, siblings, cousins, grandchildren? Don’t they have any fear of God? Don’t they have even a little pity. Isn’t anybody afraid that a child rapist will rape again?)," she continued. (Source: Phil. Daily Inquirer, July 12, 2007)

Jalosjos' victim was but 11 years old when he raped her. She is now 24 years old, living in another country, under an assumed name, but her nightmare continues...


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