July 20, 2007

Vitamin C pills don't combat colds – researchers

LONDON – Vitamin C supplements are practically useless in a bid to avert colds, researchers concluded in analysis published Wednesday.

Branding the widely-held belief a myth, they found that only individuals under extreme stress, such as soldiers and marathon runners, benefited at all from the supplements.

They were 50 percent less likely to catch a cold if they took vitamin C daily, the Finnish and Australian scientists said.
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Now you're telling us!

I've been taking Vitamin C supplements (Ascorbic acid) for years...sometimes as high as 1,500 mg during the cold season. All I know is, if I stop taking those pills even for two days (sometimes I forget or am too busy with assignments), I'm sure to get a cold.

I'm pretty sure chicken soup will be next on these researchers' list of myths.

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