January 18, 2008

Proud to be Pinoy!

IN case you guys missed American Idol last night, here's a clip showing the hilarious Pinoy Renaldo Lapuz from Nevada auditioning/showing off for Simon and the gang. In fairview, nakakatawa talaga sya. Makapal, pero nakakatawa. I hope he gets to cut a record deal from this ala William Hung.

Altogether now..."You are my brother, my best friend forever..."

ON another front, I'm really glad that the other Philippine team at Amazing Race Asia 2 was eliminated. Week after week, it just showed the Filipina at her worst. I mean how loud can a woman be?

(Don't let these happy faces fool you. There's something sinister lurking beneath this woman's smile.)

This Pinay, Terry, just shot off her mouth like a common fishwife. She was just freaking annoying! And nakakahiya! I'm sure a lot of men also got shook up at how she would just scream invectives and belittle her husband, Henry, a retired U.S. Navy senior petty officer. Nakaka-awa talaga ang lalaki. He finally broke down in tears in one episode because of utter humiliation and self-pity. Henry gave new meaning to the term ander-d'saya! What a battered husband! Afraid.

In the episodes after Henry's breakdown, Terry seemed more cordial, less hysterical. Did someone slip valium or lithium in her food? She was even close to cheerful and laughing in the last episode. Too late for this personality makeover. She and her husband were eliminated. Good luck to Henry.

(Marc and Rovilson...still leading the race.)

I have my bets that Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez won the race. (I went over to Rovilson's home publication and no one knew anything. Wow and here I thought no one could keep a secret in Manila.) Although not a Pinoy, Marc has performed extremely well as a member of the Philippine team. I just wish he would take off his T-shirt more often hehe.

And Rovilson just cracks me up. His humor is possibly the reason why he and Marc have yet to wring each other's necks unlike the other teams which had shown signs of breaking apart. Moral of the story, don't take yourselves too seriously.

(Hottie Allan Wu is at it again, hosting for Amazing Race Asia 2.)

Oh, and host Allan Wu is still super hot! I'd embarass myself and join the contest just to get a whiff of him. Mmmm...

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