January 30, 2008

Renaldo's spawn

OVER to the maximum of happiness, really!

Simon was right. The song "I AM your brother (We're brothers forever)" of American Idol flunkie Renaldo Lapuz, is now a certifiable hit, judging from the number of videos that are posted on Youtube copying, spoofing, and remixing his song.

As of Jan. 30, there were 1,360 videos posted tagged under entertainment, comedy, music and starring not only our now-famous kababayan, but also people of different nationalities celebrating this infectious song. People actually enjoy it and curses! can't get the song out of their heads. It now has dance remix versions downloadable as an mp3 ringtone as well.

Here's are two interviews of Renaldo by the local FoxNews affiliate in Irving, and a few interesting remakes/versions of his song on Youtube. O da vah...panalo talaga si brother! Mabuhay ka Renaldo! May your tribe increase!

From a music teacher, agreggofsociety, who taught the song to his students…o, me second voice pa sila ha!

From someone called Alina doing a ballad version/cover. Her voice is actually good. Kasawa lang ang face.

And the best dance remix version from Nexxion. Download the ringtone.

Proudly Pinoy.

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