April 25, 2008

AI viewers gone nuts

SO...American Idol fans don't care much for Broadway tunes! Sorry Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, all they cared about was how cute David Archuleta, David Cook and JC Castro were the night of their performance.

Was anyone actually surprised? These viewers don't appreciate real talent! I mean, how could they have sent home Carly Smythson who sang Jesus Christ Superstar rather well, and for a woman, might I add? Also in the bottom two was Syesha Mercado, whose very theatrical and excellent performance of One Rock 'n Roll Too Many, was certifiably Broadway-believable?!

When the American viewers voted off Michael Johns, I thought that was just heartbreaking! He was just one of the most talented (and sexiest) contestants ever. And such an all-around nice guy even his fellow-contestants loved him. All the judges also believed he would have been one of the top three. Okay, so I thought it was a fluke. Because the viewers got it right last week when they voted off Kristy Lee Cook during Mariah Carey week. I never liked Mariah's OA style of singing (feeling Barbra Streisand ba, just like Celine Dion) and I didn't like Kristy Lee very much either because of her country style. So I thought the viewers came to their senses and made the right decision in voting off Kristy Lee.

Then the viewers went nuts again this week. How could they possibly think that Brooke White, who started, then stopped, then started her song (You Must Love Me) again, is AI-worthy? At this stage in the contest, these guys should already have some sense of professionalism to go on with the show (or song) without skipping a beat. Never mind the mistake at the beginning. And JC Castro? What the hell was that? It was a very forgettable performance of Memory (pun intended) with just dreamy eyes all over the place.

The same was true for David Cook, who unexplicably sang Music of the Night straight, and toned down. No extra effort in singing it except for another case of dreamy eyes. David Archuleta at least had the guts to sing a very different arrangement of Think of Me, which was rather interesting. Even Lloyd Webber also thought so. O sha, sha, cute kayong tatlo...so you have a big fan bases.

That still doesn't explain Brooke. Must be the awa factor.

(Sayang that cute tee – Simon loves me (this week) – Carly brandished after AI judge Simon Cowell gave her high marks for her performance. Kiss of death na pala ang comment ni Simon.)

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