April 02, 2008

Edu Manzano: From Makati to the world

I have always believed in the talent of Vice! "Vice" is what I always called Edu Manzano, who was my Vice Mayor when I lived in Makati for the longest time. (Whenever I would bump into him I would always josh about the flooding along Buendia Ave. right in front of my condo — Cityland 8 — and demand that he have it fixed. I dunno if it still floods there, but then who cares, I don't live there anymore, haha!)

Anyway, Vice has always been my idol...he's really hilarious and I loved watching his Late Night with Edu back in the 80s. He was an excellent talk show host who would gamely spar with his guests with witty comebacks. People often compared him to David Letterman, but to me, Vice was an original. I don't get to watch him that much anymore because I hardly watch local programming, except for the news. So I was quite clueless about this Papaya dance that Vice had apparently invented until I watched Good Morning America and there was the respectable Dianne Sawyer (!) and her co-hosts all doing the Papaya! Good God!

Per waw, grabeh Vice! Bilib talaga ako sa 'yo! Not even the champ Manny Pacquiao could get featured on GMA! (That is a bit disturbing though, if you think about it.) While Vice wasn't actually interviewed by the GMA hosts, they did mention that the dance originated from a TV show in the Philippines. Let's give it to Edu and his Papaya dance shall we? (Clap! Clap!)

Another proudly Pinoy moment! (Now can anyone tell me why exactly it's called "Papaya?")

(Pardon the blurry video. The embed feature in the clearer videos have all been disabled by request, possibly by GMA itself. You can watch the original post on the GMA web site.)

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