December 29, 2009

The forehead that dares not quiver

Dear Miss Choi 09:

I dunno who you are, but you're a blogger after my own heart. As I told a recent pro-Manny "Mr. Double Insertion" Villar" commenter in a previous post, the guy has got to find a new angle. This 'nanggaling sa mahirap" campaign is getting way too old. Nakakasawa na!

Villar may think that having someone like Wowowillie as a celebrity supporter (and who, btw, also endorses TechnoMarine watches w/c can't be afforded by the poor naman) will be a major boost to his campaign. If this were true, how come the forehead-that-dares-not-quiver is lagging a far second in surveys, after Noynoy Aquino? Tsk, tsk.

Anyhoo, let's hear it from Miss Choi:

Dear Manny Villar

First of all, I suppose congratulations are in order.

You are one hell of a salesman, good sir, and anyone who would dare claim otherwise is a liar. (Click here for the rest.)

* * * *

Speaking of TechnoMarine, it's a well-respected brand of watches created by Frank Dubarry, but w/c only a few years ago, found a new homebase in Geneva. Only 12 years old, the brand has found favor among yachtsmen, divers, and other sporty types because of its elegant masculine designs.

I especially loved one of its earlier quirky ad campaigns which went something like this:

Very slick no? Another ad had an octopus stuck to the female model's head. So I dunno what TechnoMarine was thinking when it decided to do this:

All hail the Willie Revillame watch by TechnoMarine! Well, I suppose this is what the company's local representation thinks will elevate the brand's recognition in the Philippines. Sure it may have increased awareness of the brand around these parts, but I think they just sank an international brand to an entirely new gutter level.

After this, somehow, you can't look at another TechnoMarine w/o also thinking of Willie's irritating asinine jokes, half-naked dancing girls, screaming hordes of masses, and Pokwang. Ickk! (Although to be fair, I have more respect for Pokwang esp. after reading about her personal struggles, and yet she manages to remain humble despite her success, unlike you-know-who.)

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J said...

Willie Revillame = BABOY. No amount of endorsements or cleaning up of his image is going to change what's underneath all that money and make-up.