December 29, 2009

More cakes from Carlo

EVERY Christmas, my sister and I obsess on what cake to serve for the family's Media Noche. Fortunately, for the past two years, we've been ordering from Carlo Estagle (aka The Cake Diva), who's luscious Torta Limone I discovered via good friend Georgia.

(Carlo's Torta divine!)

Prompted by Georgia's recent writeup of Carlo's new creations, my sister and I decided to go a different way this Christmas and ordered his Buttermint cake.

What can I say except brilliant! This was a splendid inspired treat from Carlo -- supermoist buttery goodness with a mild kick from the mint syrup, plus the bittersweet crunch from semi-sweet chocolate chips. A slice of this and your favorite cup of java makes for a perfectly calm and quiet ending to any meal. It's like eating Andes Peppermint crunches. Terrific mouthfeel, and so evocative of all things Christmas--the cool weather and the warm toasty feelings of family. Mmmm...

While Carlo's cakes may be considered a bit on the mid- to high-end price point, they are worth every centavo. He doesn't scrimp on ingredients and on the passion he puts into each of his creation. So if you're still on the lookout for a great dessert this New Year's eve, call Carlo at 0920-955-CAKE (or 2253) and ask for his sweet list. He makes sugar-free desserts as well, and will deliver if you live around his vicinity.


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