February 25, 2011

Welcome to the Dark Ages!

I ALMOST tagged this under "creative writing" and "humor", but there's nothing funny about this ordinance banning the sale of artificial contraceptives without a medical prescription. But the brilliant officials of Barangay Ayala Alabang think they have rights over the reproductive health of its residents.

(Alfred Xerez-Burgos Jr., holy anointed womb patrol chief/head taliban of Brgy. Ayala Alabang. He is vice chairman of realty firm Landco Pacific, whose chairman is Manuel V. Pangilinan. Hmmm...I wonder what MVP thinks of this ordinance on condoms? Photo from Gibbs Cadiz)

And of course, now there are jokes circulating about the inordinately high number of Opus Dei members living in this posh subdivision who are behind this ridiculous ordinance. As you may know, the local Opus Dei chapter is vehemently opposed to Reproductive Health bill currently filed in Congress. I can't confirm the exact number of Opus Dei members living in Ayala Alabang, but I would like to stress that I do respect their religious beliefs, even though they are sounding more and more like the taliban. (As one pundit noted, pretty soon, only Latin Masses will be said in the area's churches, and women required to wear white long sleeves dresses below their knees, and veils over their faces. See? Taliban!) I just wish they respected the beliefs of others.

No one has any right to rule over women's wombs, or the sexual conduct of other people. What happens in the bedroom is the sole business of the people who own it. Whether or not they want to use contraceptive methods - artificial or otherwise – for whatever purpose, be it to prevent the transmission of STDs, or contraception, it is no one's business except their own. No lowly barangay officials should be able to regulate the use or sale of these contraceptive methods, especially since the products' sale are unregulated by the national government.

If the barangay officials are actually serious in protecting life, perhaps what they should address is the apparent rampant sale/drug use in the area (remember the Alabang Boys?) and sale of liquor to minors. Just walk around the restaurants or bars in the vicinity and you will see teenagers below 18 years old, guzzling down beers and other alcoholic beverages.

The ordinance also prohibits teachers, health workers and RH advocates from conducting activities in the barangay to educate the children on sexual reproduction and other similar issues (De La Salle brothers are you hearing this?), and bans the advertisement of contraceptives (sorry there, Robin Padilla). Wow, welcome to the Dark Ages talaga!

Anyway, I am hoping the smarter residents of this village sue their barangay officials for their sheer audacity in trying to impose this ridiculous illegal ordinance No. 01-2011. (Oh, Mr. Xerez-Burgos is on Facebook. Friend him pls, and bring him back to the 21st Century.)

Brgy. Ayala Alabang's Ordinance No. 01 (Series of 2011) banning sale of contraceptives

Btw, if you are a resident of Ayala Alabang, know that your barangay encompasses Alabang Town Center and that area where PureGold grocery is. Other than those areas, you may freely purchase your contraceptives in the pharmacies located in South Supermarket, Festival Mall, and along the Alabang-Zapote Rd. without a doctor's prescription.

And on this 25th anniversary of the People Power revolution, my only wish is for Ayala Alabang residents to free themselves from their taliban dictatorship! Condoms and birth control pills for all, damnit!

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