August 16, 2006

Arroyo survives 2nd impeachment fight

PRESIDENT Arroyo survived the second impeachment complaint filed against her after the House Committee on Justice dismissed it for lack of substance, ABS-CBN News reported Wednesday.

"Ang sakit na nilait pati abugado namin pero ang akusado hindi prinisinta (They insulted our lawyers but the accused was not even presented)," a disappointed Minority Leader Francis Escudero said after the votes were cast.

Committee members voted 56-24 against the complaint during the continuation of the panel deliberation.

Once again, the overwhelming number of administration allies rallied behind the President. (Originally published on ABS-CBN News web site, Aug. 16, 2006. Click on blog title for rest of story.)

ARE you people even surprised? Didn't we all expect this to happen, despite our fervent pleas to the good Lord above? Yeah, I know how you feel. It sucks. It really does.

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