August 18, 2006


MY friend Des Ferriols seems to have kickstarted a round of weddings among my friends and family.

My first cousin Patrick Manuel got married to his fiancee, Gina Carlson, last July 29 at the St. Joseph of Cupertino Chapel at the Naval Air station on Whidbey Island.

The Catholic rites were officiated by Fr. David R. Young. Patrick's older brother, Tony, served as best man, while Gina's sister Tami, was her maid of honor.

Patrick and Tony are the sons of my Aunt Diana, and Uncle Bueno who moved to the States eons ago and has been residing in Oak Harbor, a lovely quiet area in Washington State which I remember for its many trees and wildlife. (I actually saw my first live squirrel in my aunt's backyard! Cool.) Meanwhile, Gina is the daughter of Jan Carlson of Bellingham. (In photo is Patrick and Gina dancing. Such a cute couple no?)

Last Aug. 7, it was the turn of my "anak" Jude Marfil, who got married to her partner, Bob Schwalbach in Saipan, in civil rites performed by Superior Court Judge David A. Wiseman.

According to Jude, who was one of my best reporters in the old Manila Standard, they will be in Manila this September visiting family and friends. Jude now works in a law office in Saipan.

The couple's best man was former Northern Marianas Gov. Juan N. Babauta who was Bob's former boss, while maid of honor of sorts was Agnes Donato, a reporter for the Saipan Tribune. (In photo is Jude and Bob exchanging their vows with Judge Wiseman in the background.)

Cheers to the newlyweds and may you lead happy and prosperous lives full of love!

Oh and congratulations to my mom and dad too! It's their wedding anniversary today. 51 years and still going strong!

(Patrick and Gina's photo courtesy of Jan Carlson. Jude and Bob sent their photo.)

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Anonymous said...

Wishing all your recently married friends every happiness.

Congratulations to your parents on their 51st anniversary. 51st! That's something.

In 'mixed' marriages have noticed a trend - overseas partner, usually the man, is much older than the bride he marries. Generally. Usually second marriage for the man who has grown children. Nothing like a young wife to infuse life in the old bones. Seems nurses is not the only export from them islands. But hold on, maybe the old geezers need nursing. Pakistan exports its daughters to Saudi Arabia and seems Philippines exports its daughters to the white world.

Apologies if I offend.