August 23, 2006

Petron: No obligation to shoulder cost of oil spill

By Erik de la Cruz
Xinhua Financial News Service

OIL REFINER Petron Corp said it has no obligation to shoulder the cost of cleaning up a massive oil slick from a sunken tanker it chartered, but is "doing everything possible" to contain the spill and help in relief operations.

"Petron is not under any legal or contractual obligation to set aside 10 billion pesos in economic aid or to post a 100-million-peso bond to pay for cleanup as under pertinent Philippine Coast Guard circulars, it is the spiller who is primarily responsible for conducting cleanup operations with the supervision of the Coast Guard," Petron said in a statement to the stock exchange.

Petron was responding to media reports saying a group of fishermen is demanding 10 billion pesos in economic assistance from the company for those affected by the oil spill.

The coast guard has also handed a 100-million-peso bill to Petron to cover the initial cost of the cleanup. (Originally published on INQ7 web site, Aug. 23, 2006. Click blog title for rest of the story.)

WHAT gall! Petron should be made to take responsbility for this oil spill instead of hiding behind the tanker it hired for the purpose of ferrying the company's product. If Petron officials were man enough, they would be doing something positive.

Tell NICK ALCANTARA, Petron chairman and CEO, exactly how you feel about his company's negligence and unwillingness to take responsibility for the years of damage the oil spill have wrought on Guimaras and other neighboring islands which have long been a marine resource. Alcantara's cellphone no. is 0917-898-1322.

You may also write Petron spokeswoman VIRGINIA RUIVIVAR ( about how you want the company to be pro-active in the cleanup instead of letting their officials just cool themselves in their airconditioned offices.


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