October 16, 2006

Borgy for Mayor? Ick

THIS is the most amusing story yet. According to a news report from ABS-CBN, former first lady Imelda Marcos is giving way to her grandson Borgy Manotoc, who will run as mayor of Manila. This was announced by Borgy's mom, the ever fabulous and hip Imee Marcos, congresswoman of Ilocos Norte.

Need we remind Ms. Imee that not too long ago, she had to apologize to the public through the Inquirer for her son's despicable behavior one holiday in Boracay? She apparently believed that her son had nothing to do in an incident where a poor teenaged boy was beaten up by fellow teenagers at the beach. And like any mother, she defended her Borgy against these "unfounded" accusations. Of course, as it turned out, Borgy did have something to do with the incident. In fact, he was the major player and led the way in ganging up on the poor kid. To be fair, Ms. Imee, as we mentioned, did apologize, especially to the father of the kid who landed in the hospital. (Sure he's a cutie. But can you actually take this billboard bod seriously? Photo from the web)

The Boracay incident was not the first, nor the last this testosterone-laden hunk, has been involved in. Wasn't it only this year that the Marcos heir got into another fight at the Embassy with some singer? So does Manila want a basagulero for its Mayor? Though I cringe at the loud strombotiko design that Mayor Atienza has adopted along the Baywalk and other parts of Manila, I think Manila is better off with the ex-propsman of Bayanihan.

For more on Imee and her son, and her being a Marcos, click here. This is a fun read, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

he's nothing,just the apo of the late disgraced dictator!