October 21, 2006

On Suri Cruise

GOT my October issue of Vanity Fair, AT LAST! (Many thanks to Hermie Castro of APCEI for attending to my missing issues. APCEI is the local distributor of VF and many delicious magazines and periodicals I wish I could subscribe to.)

I've been too busy to search the web for any pictures of the once-mysterious TomKat baby, even as news of the VF cover spread throughout the Internet. I would patiently wait for my subscription issue. So seeing Suri staring at me (with the eyes of her mom) from the cover of VF with her tussle of dark hair (like her dad's), was strangely unnerving and exciting. She was tightly snuggled in the brown leather jacket of her dad as he and mom fawned at her. What a doll! Page after page of photos taken by the grand dame of portrait photography Annie Leibowitz, showed the little cutie looking fearlessly straight at the camera, as if saying "Hey you! You wanted to get a look at me? Watch me be a star!"

I'm not a Tom Cruise fan. Never have and never will be, especially after that maniacal behavior on Oprah Winfrey's show. (We here in the Philippines would call it "OA".) He always struck me as an overrated actor. Long on the looks, but short in the acting department. Like Brad Pitt. And Leonardo di Caprio (why Marty Scorsese is so enamored with this guy is beyond me). Gimme Johnny Depp anytime! Now that's an actor.

And neither am I fan of Kate wastherface. See, I don't even remember her surname and what movies she's starred in. But after seeing all the photos of baby Suri (TomKat claims it means "red rose), and never mind the interview of the couple who just griped about suffering in the hands of a merciless media (hey, who told you to be actors?), I'm an instant fan of the tyke. This kid will be bigger than her parents put together. Just you wait and see.


Anonymous said...

I do strongly agree

Ruby Gan said...

hey stella! did you know that there was a story behind Suri? that she's not really tom's?

Stella Arnaldo said...

hahaha! yeah heard that one. so many chismis about them. still, suri's a cutie. :-)

Ruby Gan said...

true..cute talaga..!