October 16, 2006

Sightings...at Island Chicken 2

Yeah, yeah, you think that's all I do. Eat at Island Chicken huh? Actually my visit last Thursday at its Sct. Borromeo branch was the first in over two months. Too bad our Inasal gal Niña B. was back in her fave isle of Boracay to prepare for the forthcoming peak season, which starts on Halloween, boo! So if you haven't made your vacation reservations yet, start calling those resorts and airlines. Those rooms and seats are going, going, gone!

Back in Sct. Borromeo, as my friends and I waited for our plates of chicken inasal and kansi, along comes former Senator and DENR Secretary Heherson "Sonny" Alvarez. As he passed our table, we gave a cheerful "Hi Sir!", which probably befuddled him, as he wracked his brain trying to think of who and where we met him. We of course, were not in the mood to explain our journalistic circumstances as we had a tinge of vertigo due to our hunger pangs. His response to our hello was equally befuddling to us. He told us, as he pointed to his face, "Hindi ako nagme-makeup ha. Galing lang ako sa TV show." We were too surprised to respond with anything except an "Okay!"

Anyway, according to Niña (via text), her sister used to work for the good senator. Sonny A. has always been known to trust Ilonggas to work at his offices.

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