February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day people!

TELL someone you love how much you appreciate him or her. You really don't have to give them anything fancy (oh okay...boys, I hope you didn't forget to give the girls the de rigeur roses and chocolates!), or say anything kilometric. All it takes is three little words... I LOVE YOU!

So Happy Valentine people! I just want to share with you the photos of people I absolutely adore. To those who aren't here, it just means I don't have any photos of you. But I'll get to you yet. You know who you are anyway, and how much you mean to me. So...MWAAAH!

(Who are the people in your neighborhood...The Arnaldo family with Fr. Placer of Boracay)

(Super fave couple of Bro's Mustache...Gigi and Boy. Sarap ng lamb adobo...plugging!)

(Kasabad! Pangs and Sis)

(Tabi kayo dyan mga bakla! The binuangs)

(Mamita and Papito)

(...and of course, my husband, George.)

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