February 12, 2007

(Monday bitching 2) I think I'm gonna puke!

Teary-eyed Goma bids goodbye to GMA 7 to launch Senate bid

By Fidel Jimenez, GMANews.TV
Feb. 11, 2007

Actor-sportsman Richard Gomez made an emotional farewell to his co-hosts in the weekly program S-Files over GMA Network Sunday.

Teary-eyed Gomez announced on the show that he is set to file his certificate of candidacy for senator with the Commission on Election (Comelec) on Monday.

Gomez said he will run as independent candidate to give the public an alternative choice.

(More of this utterly nauseating story at GMA News TV. Lucy please wake up your husband from his delusion! Can someone please give this guy a movie to act in? For the love of God, save this country from Goma! Magtayo nalang kayo ng sariling gobyerno ni Manny Paquiao kaya?)

Frankly, the only joker I would like to see at the Senate is Joker Arroyo. How disappointing though that he chose to run under GMA's much-balleyhooed Unity ticket. What the F! was he thinking of?! Of course he would rather not spend his own money for his electoral campaign, and instead leech off from the government coffers, paid for by our taxes no less, just like the laughable Tito "Eat Bulaga" Sotto, irritating Tessie "Dancing Queen" Aquino-Oreta, and disappointing as usual, Edong Angara. Opportunists all! Pwe!

Then again, even the United Opposition's ticket isn't exactly something to rave about. Sonny Osmeña? Politicos like him should just remain in retirement. No more dinosaurs please! And why, oh why, are you coming back Nikki Coseteng? Are you already bored with your love life? Hindi na ba exciting magtago? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

(My candidates: Chiz Escudero, Noynoy Aquino, Ping Lacson. Photos from the web.)

For my own list, I can pick out only a few outstanding senatoriables from the Opposition ticket: Chiz Escudero, but of course (I had covered his father when he was agriculture Secretary under the Estrada regime...a good man as well.); Noynoy Aquino who has a distinguished record as a congressman; and well, Ping Lacson, okay?! There I said it, I want Ping back in the Senate! I think this country needs someone like him to whip everyone in line.

While I have nothing personally against Sonia Roco and Koko Pimentel, I just wince at the efforts of people with no legislative/political experience to ride on the coattails of their more famous relatives. In Ma'am Sonia's case, her late husband Raul who many still feel would have made a good President; and in Koko's case, his father, Nene...an outstanding politician but now too old to run. (Nene should have persuaded Sonny O. to do the same and sit this one out.)

I had hoped for more people in my generation to run for senator, because I think it's about time we get rid of the Old Guard trapos. But sigh, even the young names in the Opposition ticket are disheartening. For example, Alan Peter Cayetano truly bombed with L'Affaire Mike Arroyo and the so-called German bank deposits. We've been waiting for your evidence Alan Peter. Nasaan na? And Lt. Antonio Trillanes? That mutiny was a joke! Nasayang yung issues na pinaglaban mo. Mag-artista ka nalang. Unfortunately, Migs Zubiri isn't on the Opposition ticket. He's with the administration party. That's enough reason not to include him on my list.

I don't have high hopes for the voter turnout this May. I'm sure everyone else is disappointed as I am in the candidates and will probably opt not to go to their polling precints. Inspite of this, I still hope the Opposition wins. It's time we send a clear message to GMA and her minions. We are frikking mad so you guys better watch your step!


RG said...

Everything is about money and power except for a select few who choose to stand by their principles and compromise with the system in an effort to push through genuine reform.

Unfortunately, the acronym PBA for politika, basketball at artista which is used to describe the average Filipino is true. But then again, what can the average Filipino hope for in his own country???

If it were not for the OFW's who remit their dollar earnings to their dependents, the Philippines would have long been sunk.

If it were not for the cheap goods from China, the average Filipino would not be able to afford buy basic commodities. Just look at the stall owners in 168 and Meisic Malls in Divisoria; you would be hard pressed to find a stall owner that is Filipino.

We continue to suffer from the burdens of the EVAT, the highest power rates in all of Asia and one of the highest water rates in the world as well.

Politicians have become entertainers and vice-versa. There is no more line that separates the two which is the reason why you have Goma running for Senator and we already have Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada in the Senate.

Sila sila na lang ang nakikinabang habang karamihan ng tao naghihirap...

I do hope that the masa finally realizes that the May 2007 elections will decide whether we go into a "democratic" dictatorship as GMA and her minions want us to believe that is what a parliamentary form of government is or our last chance at electing candidates who have chosen principles over money and power.

Stella Arnaldo said...

What you say is true RG. As for the masa, we can't just fault them for the electoral choices. After all, they live on a day to day existence and anyone promising them cheap entertainment, free food and a few hundred pesos will be good enough for them to vote into office.

The masa don't have the benefit of a good education like you and I. What the so-called enlightened few among us can help by educating them on the issues and these candidates. We can help them understand the impact of their choices.

Change will not happen overnight. But it's about time we start lending the masa a hand instead of blaming them for their poor choices.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do drop by again.

Ruby Gan said...

hay, stella..nakakalungkot na talaga ang sitwasyon natin dito... tuwing dumarating ang eleksyon, nadidismaya ako eh... look at all those running for office!?! it's a joke!

it is especially during this time that i feel the hopelessness for this country...

gabby said...

hi stella! im will definitely vote for Chiz Escudero & Ping Lacson!

Hellfucking NO to these artistas and artistas wannabes like mike defensor & zubiri!