February 26, 2007

Monday bitching...not remembering the Edsa revolt

IT was the Edsa People Power anniversary yesterday...did anyone actually notice? I didn't. The day just passed like a normal Sunday (except that I had a migraine), and except for today's blathering in the news about the little interest paid to the (non)event, I wouldn't even have remembered.

It's sad really. After putting ourselves on the line in those dark days, nothing much has changed in Philippine politics. The Marcoses are still in power (although limited to Ilocos Norte), those in the fiery Opposition are now blabbering apologists for the present corrupt dispensation, while poverty and corruption in the country have grown in dramatic proportions. What's worse all the old political fools have come out of the woodwork again to wreak havoc in the coming elections. Can't you just die already?

The issues haven't changed. I can tell, I've been a journalist for so long and we're still talking about the same problems as in 1986. The Department of Agrarian Reform hasn't finished distributing land to the landless. Over at the Department of Agriculture, they're still talking about supporting palay prices and fending off sugar imports, as well as the lack of farm-to-market roads and marketing suppport to the farmers. At the Bureau of Internal Revenue, there is massive talk of running after tax evaders/avoiders, and yet it has yet to fully computerize its taxpayer base. At the Department of Trade and Industry, how much incentives to be given to foreigners to get them to sink in their monies here or even stay in the country is still a hotly debated topic.

The only issue that has changed is the amount of money going to line the pockets of our greedy bureaucrats! From only millions during Marcos's time, the current estimates run into the billions of pesos. Bastards!

Mang Pandoy buhay ka pa ba?

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