December 06, 2007

Eastern Promises...bleah

PANGS wanted to watch a movie today and he said the reviews of Eastern Promises were good. Okay, I said, who's starring in it? He said Viggo Mortensen. Whoa! Sure! Lesgow. Pant pant

So we met up in Trinoma...we were probably about 10 people in the entire theater. Not promising. Okay, I thought maybe the film's just too artsy fartsy and high brow for most of the moviegoers at Trinoma. (So now you know why the mall is so goddamned ugly. Ayala Land certainly didn't pull out the punches in designing this one. Like where's the pay lounge with the automatic flushing toilets? They think too low of the people in the Quezon City area.)

Anyway, back to Eastern Promises which also stars another favorite character actor of mine Armin Mueller who plays the godfather of one of the Russian mafia families living in London. That's his day job. At night he is a restaurateur and a good cook. Cute. In fact, he's the only character I liked in the entire film.

The plot was too predictable. The film draaaaaaaging, fact the only time I actually sat up straight was when Viggo's character, Nikolai, tried to fend off burly Chechnya types from another mafia family, NAKED. Yay! This is what I call action. Kicking, punching, knifing....blood everywhere! And seeing Viggo in the buff. Pant pant again. Now it gets interesting. NOT!

The film goes back to the same ho-hum pace. Ending was predictable as well. Dang. I thought, P140 was way too much to pay just to see Viggo's pitutoy.

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