December 15, 2007

On wearing a Barong Tagalog

Director Quentin Tarantino, a recent Manila visitor, announces a nominee to the 65th Golden Globes Awards (above). At right, QT with actors Ryan Reynolds and Hayden Panettiere.

NOT bad, not bad at all.

Acclaimed film director Quentin Tarantino donned the Barong Tagalog for the 65th Golden Globes nomination ceremony yesterday. (To those still living in a bomb shelter somewhere, QT was just here in Manila sometime October which was how he acquired a barong.)

Of course, he just had to wear his sneakers with it, which kinda threw off what would have been a really distinguished look for him. But then, if he had worn leather shoes, the look wouldn't been trademark Tarantino. At least he wore a white T-shirt underneath. Coolness.

A lot of foreigners like the barong because it lends them the right elegance they need for any formal gathering without being so constricted the way the traditional American business suit does. Besides it is light, cool (in an airy sort of way, not cool as in kewl), and easy to pack.

Anyway, this was great exposure for the Philippines' traditional menswear. So huge props to QT for putting his mark on it.

(Photos from AP and Reuters, via Yahoo! News)


ems said...

he liked it and the Filipino hospitality made quite a lasting impression on him...
to think that barong was tagged as a peasant dress during the asean summit in australia this year... to each his own.

ken said...

Quentin was gifted with a "TESORO'S" barong ( by the National Commission of Culture and the Arts Executive Director Cecilia Guidote-Alvarez and by the Film Development Council of the Philippines vice-Chair Christine Dayrit. The Director was presented the 24 hour executed, custom-made barong for his courtesy call to the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.