June 25, 2008

And amid Typhoon Frank's devastation...

...here's another trite exchange between U.S. President George Bush and our very own presidentita. (Paging hubby Jon Stewart! Let's see this one on The Daily Show.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: Madam President, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the Oval Office. We have just had a very constructive dialogue. First, I want to tell you how proud I am to be the President of a nation that -- in which there's a lot of Philippine-Americans. They love America and they love their heritage. And I reminded the President that I am reminded of the great talent of the -- of our Philippine-Americans when I eat dinner at the White House. (Laughter.)

President George W. Bush welcomes President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Republic of the Philippines to the Oval Office Tuesday, June 24, 2008, at the White House. The President expressed deep condolences for those affected by Typhoon Fengshen saying, "We, the American people, care about the human suffering that's taking place, and we send our prayers."


PRESIDENT BUSH: And the chef is a great person and a really good cook, by the way, Madam President.

PRESIDENT ARROYO: Thank you. (More here)

Watch the video. Katakot tumawa ang lola nyo. Kiliting-kiliti sa sinabi ni lameduck president.

And what totally inappropriate wardrobe! A lot of people died in the wake of Typhoon Frank, and yet she is dressed in red! Anovayan! Of course, it just so happens that that's the only color that suits her. Being short, she needs to stand out. But really...how lacking in sensitivity to what has happened back here.

Sa true lang, what's the purpose of this visit to George Bush? Mega-junket ng katakot-takot!

For sure nagsipsip ang lola nyo ke Obama and McCain. Just trying to make sure we have U.S. support whoever wins in November.

At baka me side trip to visit Joc-joc Bolante. Hingi ng cut pa nya at kulang. After all, we hear Joc-joc has sold (or is selling) his house in Alabang and all his cars. Tsk, tsk. He isn't planning to come back here that's for sure.

Kainez these people!

(Will post the video as soon as I figure out how. Stay tuned.)

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