June 06, 2008

Pwede ba'ng mag-react?

Foreign businessmen told 'behave or get out' of Philippines
Agence France-Presse/PDI
First Posted 17:45:00 06/06/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Foreign businessmen were warned Friday to "get out" of the Philippines if they don't like how business is done here after overseas commerce groups questioned proposed changes to electricity law.

Representatives from six foreign chambers of commerce were called to the Senate to explain why they wrote a joint letter to President Gloria Arroyo last month over reforms to the power sector.

"To them I say the hell with you, get out of this country. Enough is enough," a visibly angry Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said, after addressing the heads of the business groups. (Click here for the rest.)

ANG kapal!

Truly, madly, deeply...the nerve of this has-been senator to tell foreign businesses to get out of the Philippines. If they leave, will your JAKA save the economy? E ang dami nyo na ngang utang di mabayaran e! Nauubos na ang mga puno sa kagagawa nyo ng posporo noh? Di pa matapos-tapos ang Splendido golf and country club project n'yo? Why kaya? You couldn't get any foreign businessmen to invest in that project? I don't blame them.

When have the foreign business groups not been vocal about government policies? Under each President we have had, they've given their two cents worth. Suggestion lang pow! E kung ayaw nyo, h'wag nyo! Every President has always also consulted foreign business groups for certain policy concerns, or for advice on economic matters. So what's eating JPE? Now, these groups feel strongly about the proposed EPIRA changes, and are speaking up. Last time I looked, we're still a democracy and we listen to all points of view. No one is forcing the government/the presidentita to follow what they ask. All they want is to be heard.

So that scolding by JPE is totally uncalled for. Very undiplomatic behavior from a supposed distinguished member of the Senate. Pwede ba, mag-retire na ang mga senile at mga buang (you know who you are) jan sa Senado! Wala naman kayong ginawa kundi mag-ingay ng wala sa lugar e. It's politicians like you who keep this country backward!

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