July 27, 2009

Feels nyo?

I WASN'T able to catch the entire State of the Nation Address of the presidentita today as I was much too busy attending to family errands. (Anyhoo, I'll read the transcript in a bit.)

Besides I had read an earlier draft of her speech and knew she would not make any categorical statements about stepping down as president when her term ends, unlike Tita Cory in her last SONA in 1991. To everyone - except her sipsip congressmen and supporters - announcing that she would not seek the highest post in the land via Charter Change or other dubious means would have made today's speech her best SONA ever. As usual, we the Filipino people, are not so lucky.

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But it's interesting to note the comments/status messages of many of my friends on Facebook about it. I'm publishing some of them here, but withhold their identities for obvious reasons.

From Dako Tin-og:
puro thank you congress to, a. state of the nation address ba ito or opening ceremony ng gma-congress mutual fan club?

Grace: a year is a VERY long time if she's president

Tangkad: [I] was so impressed with SONA. IDOL KO SI GMA!!!!!

Hanky: "Don't say bad words in public." OK, only in private. Tangnamu.

Fried rice: SONAmabitz!

And the best one so far:

Esprit de Corps: Ano ang kaibhan ng FAIRY TALE at ng SONA? Ang fairy tale ay kwentong 'di totoo na may duwende. Ang SONA ay may duwende na nagkukuwento ng 'di totoo. :)

(to be updated)

My own reaction: BITAYIN! ang gumawa ng SONA gown ni GMA. (Ano sya, feeling Nanay Dionisia?) :p

(UPDATE 7:12 pm) OH how sad! I was just told that it was Inno Sotto who designed the presidentita's 'french fries' gown. Ay caramba!

GMA SONA 07/27/2009

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