July 05, 2009

Huling hirit

SINCE this issue has already been beaten to death, no thanks to Lorelei Fajardo and Sen. Loren Legarda in today's Philippine Stary, this will be my last say on it:

1. There's nothing wrong with getting a boob job. If the presidentita had a boob job, I don't care. It doesn't make a difference in my life but hopefully, it made a difference in hers. (wink!) Besides if she had this done in 1985-'86, it was before she joined the government, so no taxpayers funds spent there.

2. The public has every right to know about the medical condition of the President. So if the implants were leaking, it put her life at risk. So no, Lorelei and Loren (isa ka pang ja-fake!), this is not a private matter just because the presidentita is a woman and cannot be cloaked under the term "sensitive details."

3. If there was nothing to hide about the presidentita's condition, why did Malacañang's spokespersons trip all over themselves, even denying that she had a breast augmentation done in the past?

4. As long as the recent breast implant replacement and other gynecological procedures were not done on taxpayers' expense, then we're square with it, right? But as journalists, we have a right to ask these things on behalf of the public, who again, have the right to know about the health condition of the presidentita.

Now, here's something from Newsbreak about the boob job: Click here

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