November 17, 2009

Loren: I am casting my lot with Manny Villar...


A. I like the color orange;
B. No one wanted me to be their VP;
C. He was the only one who could afford my P500-million acceptance fee;
D. All of the above.

* * * *

Loren: "Mas magandang kumbinasyon ang green at orange." The good senator probably flunked art class in Assumption, otherwise she would have known that combining both colors results in a muddy brown. As in, putik! Eew!

And no offense to my Assumptionista friends, but everyone knows that those who can afford to send their kids to this private Catholic school for girls certainly didn't come from humble beginnings. Meaning, you are not poor. So Loren should just stop saying that she and Villar come from similar backgrounds. Sige ka, I will make tusok-tusok you!

(Photos from the Filipino News Network.)

* * * *

The best Loren Legarda (aka Angelina Jolie) story I heard was told to me years ago by a member of her production staff when she was about to quit her job as TV presenter. She was ending her TV show on this major network to run for the Senate for the first time. At the production meeting to discuss what they would do for the last episode, Loren told her staff: "Maybe you should give me a goodbye party."

The staff, already used to her quirks, still couldn't believe their ears. They all managed to keep a straight face and eventually complied w/ Loren's instruction. So for the last show, they whipped up balloons and a cake for her. She, of course, acted all surprised. I actually saw this episode.

Many of those who've worked w/ Loren during her TV stint try not have anything to do w/ her these days, and I can understand why.

* * * *

On Feb. 28, 2009, Manny Villar said:

"I believe that while a lot of us will be announcing our candidacies, in the end there will just be a few who will remain.... If you can't even raise one billion pesos, why even run?

"With me, what you see is what you get. With some candidates, you'll have to ask, who's behind you? They say there is one golden rule, he who has the gold rules." (Click Reuters for the rest.)

To which, Loren replied on March 4, 2009:

"Ibig ba n'yang sabihin, kung wala kang pera ay huwag ka ng mangarap na makapaglingkod bilang pangulo sa ating bansa? Nakalulungkot pong isipin na paliliitin natin ang usapin ng paglilingkod sa bayan sa isyu ng pera. Pera-pera na lang ba ang eleksyon? Talaga bang ang tingin nya sa taong bayan ay mukhang pera? Pwera na ba ang pagmamahal sa bayan? Pwera na ba yung uri ng leadership na ibibigay mo? Pwera na ba yung vision para sa kinabukasan ng ating bansa? Basta may pera pwera na ba ang lahat?" (Click Loren statement for the rest.)

Sino daw ang mukhang pera?

* * * *

One year ago to this day, Loren voted to oust Villar as Senate president.

Then yesterday, this is what she said: "Ang mga nangyayari sa Senado at sa demokrasya ay parte ng mga proseso na walang pinagsisisihan, at ginagawa at nangyayari na walang personalan."

Her entire proclamation speech here.

* * * *

In Sept. 2008, Loren Legarda said this: Probe Villar on road project.

And today, this is what she said: "We share the same commitment to good governance marked by transparency and accountability." Of course, this comes a day after she signed a Senate resolution acquitting him of the ethics complaint in the C-5 double insertion case.

Pasok Jamboy: I will not subscribe to political prostitution when the country's interest is at stake.

Potah! Who is she calling a prostitute?

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