November 03, 2009


Pak dis shet: Arroyo can run for VP. Stop giving her ideas guys!

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Sen. Manny Villar at the MOPC Presidential Series, Oct. 29: “I’m not perfect. I have a lot of failures in life, I have experienced difficulties. But when you look at me, you are looking at Manny Villar, what you see is what you get. You’re not looking at my mother, my father or the tycoon behind me. You are looking at Manny Villar.”

When I look at Manny Villar, I see his wife Cynthia and her family's fortune, without which would not have made his success possible.

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Dubbed a "labor of love," producers and celebrities in this video promoting Sen. Noynoy Aquino's presidential candidacy volunteered their services, most of them friends of Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda. The star power behind Noynoy is indeed dazzling, with members of the rival Kapamilya and Kapuso networks coming together for the production.

Expectedly there have been various reactions from the public about it. Some love the song, like I do, because I find it very moving, a testament to composer Ogie Alcasid's talent in capturing the spirit of Noynoy's supporters. Others find it detestable (they cringe esp. at the part where Abunda arrives in a banca) and disturbing that the presidentiable would agree to do something that the usual trapos would do, i.e. prematurely campaigning before he's even filed his certificate of candidacy, and asking celebrities to endorse him.

My only question is, isn't Noynoy forgetting something? Like his VP running mate Sen. MAR Roxas for example? Isn't this supposed to be a Noynoy-Mar 2010 campaign? Hmmm...just asking.

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Last Saturday's typhoon was locally named "Santi". The current tropical depression is named "Tino". The names of these weather disturbances should dispel whatever doubts that PAGASA meteorologists aren't fans of May Bukas Pa. Gads.

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BTW, like many Metro Manilans, I went out of town w/ my family for the Halloween break. We left Quezon City on Friday, Oct. 30, at about 9:30 pm and drove to Subic via NLEX/SCTEX. It's astonishing that with the amount of toll paid everday by motorists on both these highways, there are long stretches that are still unlighted. These pose dangers to the numerous drivers and their passengers travelling there daily. I wish the govt agencies overseeing these expressways would attend to the matter of adequately lighting them ASAP.


fireomen said...

hahahaha OO nga ano? why is that si Noynoy Aquino lang nasa video? where's his running mate?

Stella Arnaldo said...

I see you snuck in a Noynoy Aquino page in your comment. Haha. Ang sagot lang jan e, kasi di kapatid ni Mar si Kris. Tsk, tsk.

Anyhoo, readers who want to more about Sen. Aquino should watch Probe Profiles tonight at ABS-CBN, after the last newscast (I think).

Jesus Ceferino said...

I agree that Cynthia Aguilar Villar's family may have helped in Manny Villar's success. But I ask you this from the point of view of the father, Mayor Aguilar.

You are the mayor of Las Pinas. You have a daughter studying in UP with her future bright and full of promise. A working student from Tondo courts your daughter with nothing to offer but his abilities. Imagine what Mayor Aguilar must have seen in this young ambitious boy to allow her daughter to be married to this man.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Romantic! I'm sure Villar's handlers will squeeze every last drop from that story as well.

Thanks for your comment Jesus.