November 14, 2009

Things I learned from Sesame Street: (UPDATED)

• "C" is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
• Tweedlebugs live among plants and will take their car to the zoo.
• Brrrring! is the sound that aliens make when they come to visit your home.
• Two males can live together and that's okay.
• The world is composed of white Americans, black Americans, Mexicans, Chinese, monsters who live in garbage cans or eat cookies all day, green frogs who sing, birds as big as a house who may have imaginary (or not) elephantine friends.
• It was always sunny on Sesame Street, except when the Count finishes counting and then there would be thunder and lightning.
• It was normal for celebrities to hang out with monsters and muppets.
• We will all die eventually, as Mr. Hooper did.
• It's okay to sing at the top of my voice, when I'm happy, or rant and rave when I'm mad or grouchy.
• That it's great to run with the sun and wind in my face. Preferably with balloons.

Happy 40th anniversary Sesame Street!

(One of my favorite episodes on Monsterpiece Theater.)

* * * *

I've never seen this episode before but apparently, Mr. Snuffalapagus was finally met by the adults on Sesame Street in 1985. Accdg. to the YouTube poster, the writers of the show felt that it was not a good message to tell children that adults would never believe them.

Well, I always thought Snuffy existed in Big Bird's imagination and it was okay that the adults didn't see him. That's what made Snuffy special. Now he's just an ordinary muppet like the rest, only bigger.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you sesame street....
Loved the LALALA song of Bert
David and Maria Teamup, Luis, Gordon....
As a MOm I was also able to share the show with my kids.


Jules said...

Sesame street ad been part of my childhood days. It is so cool. Happy anniversary!

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