February 06, 2010

Change yourself, change the world

So what about Madonna? Isn’t the Kabbalah supposed to teach us about ourselves and how to better handle our relationships with other people? I ask Yehuda why he thinks her marriage with film director Guy Richie fell apart.

“First of all, not everyone’s supposed to be with everyone. Sometimes there’s more positivity in being separate than in being together. Just like there are people looking to find the right one, there’s a bunch of people with the wrong one that are afraid to be alone. I’m not here to judge who should be together or who shouldn’t be together. But there’s no question she’s a better person today than she was 10 to 12 years ago. Twelve years ago, she was doing [the book] Sex. Now she has a charity helping children in Malawi and all this stuff. In her personal life, if you ask her, I’m sure she’ll tell you that her personal life’s great right now.” (Of course, I quipped, maybe even better for Guy; he did score a hit recently with Sherlock Holmes.)
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