February 13, 2010


OKAY, so this is still making the rounds of Facebook and several blogs.

I just want to say that I am from Quezon City, and this is one dodo (try to pronounce that one right, Ara) I wouldn't want representing my district. Even kids as young as 10 years old know what the Maguindanao massacre is all about, and all that Ara Mina could say about it was, "nakaka-depress." Leche. My question is, is she running as an independent bec. she just doesn't want to be identified w/ any of the major political parties, or is it bec. none of those parties were actually stupid enough to want her on their ticket? Hmmm...

Other than this bright girl, the other celebrities running for higher office in QC are Aiko Melendez and Herbert Bautista. I think it's time I move to another city.


Anonymous said...

gads, PAINFUL to watch.. why she wants to run for politics when her intellectual capacity is just this much befuddles the mind.. kala nya seguro because erap did, and jinggoy did (2bfer, parang nag rereserts naman si jengoy, di ba?)and bong revilla did and sinopasakanila did, sya rin.. o, otra.. di tinawanan ka.. pucha obvious na obvious sa itchura ni mo twister na sinasabi nya to himself, tang ina, sapagka tanga mo inday, haha!!

my name is.. can't you guess? haha!

Anonymous said...

kawawa naman yung home town ko. It's always baffled me on how vincent crisologo, a convicted mass murderer, can qualify to be an elective official. used to hang out at his in-laws place in heroes hills, he never missed an opportunity to lecture us about God. its always struck me about his holier than though attitude but his eyes scare me. did he ever make amends to all those people he hurt in his wild days?