November 18, 2010

I leave the house and all hell breaks loose!

I WAS out the entire day covering a story and was virtually shut off from the world bec. the building I was in was super cyber-secure. It was so secure, I couldn't even use the free wifi next door at the Robinsons Cybergate nor use the Internet access on my own cellphone. So imagine when I got home and found this!

(Someone sent me this w/o any credit, but I think this image was made by Spanky Hizon. )

Too tired to blog about it. Just read this:

A check with the official travel website of Poland showed that indeed, their logo has a striking similarity to "Pilipinas Kay Ganda," from the font, the colors, and even the use of a tree (well, granted, that of the Philippines is a coconut tree, while that of Poland is, well, a generic tree).

Blogger Spanky Hizon in his blog "Manila Boy", has put the two logos side by side and called on someone from the Department of Tourism to resign over the alleged plagiarism committed. (Click ABS-CBN News for the rest.)

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