November 28, 2010

Sidcor Sunday market

(Weaving through the pathways is much easier now bec. of the more spacious market area. All images copyrighted Ma. Stella F. Arnaldo)

IF you wake up one Sunday morning eager to do your marketing, and is faced w/ just an empty lot at the Lung Center of the Phils., it can only mean you have been remiss in visiting your sukis lately. The Sidcor Sunday market has been at the Eton Centris lot (where the weird flying saucer-like contraptions are) along Edsa, near the corner of Quezon Ave. for the past 3 Sundays already. It's actually quite near Lung Center so all you need is motor down further toward Edsa, or walk? you could try that too.

(Flowering plants, herbs, and shrubs sold at the market.)

We were there at the opening on Nov. 7 and the area is quite larger than the old Lung Center lot. I like the new site better bec. at least, the ground is now covered in stone bricks, so even if it rains, your shoes don't get muddy. Accdg to the vendors, most of them were fully paid up at the Lung Center 'til December, but the new hospital management decided to eject them as the lot where the vendors used to set up would be paved w/ concrete. Quite possibly, the vendors said they would move back to the Lung Center after a year or so, after the concreting is done. The only problem at Eton is that the parking area is smaller, compared to Lung Center, so it's best if you bring a driver to wait on you and look out for a parking spot to open.

(While these poinsettias look pretty to buy, it's best to buy them about a week or so before Christmas so the leaves are still red throughout the holidays.)

Bec. we were still unfamiliar w/ the new layout of the vendors, we couldn't find our sukis. But I found it much easier to peruse all the vendors' goods this time, as the large area allowed for brisker walking, and less bumping into other buyers. I just wish that the stalls were better organized into different sections - dried fish, plants, fruits, cooked foods, veggies - organic and otherwise, seafoods, meats, etc. so it'll be quicker to compare prices on similar items. Also, with a better organized layout, those who just want to buy a few specific items will be able to get the products they need and leave the market immediately.

(One of the many stalls that sell cooked food.)

(Kare-kare, dinuguan, bopis I think, and igado.)

Btw, I wish the organizer could attract more vendors of real yogurt, as well as coco-sugar for those who need to control their blood sugar. Of course, it would really be great if Sidcor could get some choice vendors at Salcedo market to sell at Eton at well. (Btw, I'm quite eager to check out the new weekend market at BGC Taguig, but 'ya know I live in the boonies. hehe. But soon, soon!)

(Mama buying good-sized shrimps.)

(Various fish - sole, dapa, maya-maya, tilapia, etc.)

The Sidcor Sunday market is open from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m.

(Some crunchy-looking pako or fern for your salad.)

(Fake diwal. The vendor claimed it was from Roxas City. My family's from Roxas, and this is not how diwal looks like. Bought it just the same to see what it tastes like. Pretty bland and tough when they are large. The small ones are softer, and best baked w/ garlic, butter, and cheese.)

(Still feels like summer bec. of the variety of fruits on display!)

(Mangosteen from Davao.)

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