September 17, 2011

Amy the beautiful

She looked so well and happy, and gorgeous in this video no? Sayang ka talaga, Amy. Hay, what a waste of such immense talent! The video, btw, was officially released on Sept. 14, which would've been Amy's 28th birthday. As she starts singing, you kinda feel like she's channeling Shirley Bassey - who never sang the song in public, I believe – and Ella Fitzgerald a bit. But then Amy finds her own groove.

In a way, it was like she was kinda honoring her dad, Mitch, who is also a singer in the mold of Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and the old classical crooners. While I wasn't able to watch Anderson Cooper's new daytime show, I've read that Mitch and his wife (and ex-wife) were guests on the first episode. Mitch fought back his tears as he told Anderson how he missed his daughter - "We were best friends!" (Read the rest here.) He also claimed that Amy had died of a seizure, as she tried to withdraw from alcohol.

Meanwhile, Bennett said of the recording w/ Amy, which is one of the cuts in his Duets II CD out this month, "It was a thrill to record with Amy Winehouse and when you listen to the recording of 'Body and Soul,' it is a testament to her artistic genius and her brilliance as one of the most honest musicians I have ever known.” (Click here for the rest.)

RIP, Amy. Your music lives on.

* * *

Btw, other female music greats who have sung Body and Soul are:

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

and, Anita O'Day. This last one, one of my favorite renditions, because of O'Day's playfulness.

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