September 03, 2011

UPDATE on the STC Swatch

OK, ok, so I did say that it was easy as pie to get an STC Swatch-I just walked in a store and bought one, without any prior reservations made.

It seems the demand had increased after I posted this on my blog and so, the watches have all been bought. I went to Swatch TriNoma two weeks ago to pick a watch for my friend and was told there were no more stocks in any Swatch store. Sigh. Oh well...the perils of success! ;p (Apparently, not only Theresians from QC had bought the watches, but also those from the old STC-Manila w/c used to be located along San Marcelino St. where Adamson University now stands).

But take heart fellow Theresians, I have just been informed that a new batch of STC Swatches qill be making their way to your Swatch stores, hopefully by December. What a great Christmas gift to friends and family of the Theresian mold, no?

Doc Ria, an old grade school batchmate, sent me this note w/c was posted on the STC-QC '83 FB page, updating everyone on the status of the STC Swatches. Doc Ria's sister, Millet belongs to Batch '87 w/c sold the watches.

From Fayne Rivera-Alvarado, batch 87:

SWATCH UPDATE: Swatch has finally approved the re-order. The 2 options that we have is to reserve through STAA or through the Swatch stores. We will announce the date when the stores will officially accept the reservation. It's easier cause if done through us or through STAA it goes like this:

You fill out a form, pay the 2k.
We take your form and bring it to Swatch along with your payment.
They issue a claim receipt and send it to STAA which you have to pick up.
This receipt will be presented to the store to claim the watch plus the balance of P1,5k.

If done through the Swatch store: You pay the 2k, and keep the receipt, and claim when it becomes available.

Just let me know how I can further assist you.


Expected delivery is by December 1, maybe. There is no official announcement yet from Swatch but it would more or less be around that time, or earlier.

STAA, of course, is the St. Theresa's College Alumni Association.

Anyhoo, there you have it. So make your reservations, now na!

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Jasmine Nacabuan said...

Is there a 2013 edition of the watch?