September 05, 2011

Saigon sojourn

MY friends and I jetted off to Saigon during the recent four-day holiday, and one of the things we did was to watch the hugely entertaining Water Puppet show. Even the adults enjoyed it. Major aliw factor.

What I'm posting is just one of the acts-it's actually a 50-minute show w/ live music and singing, and amazing puppetry skills. I believe only Vietnam has this water puppet show, and I'm told Hanoi also has its own version.

We also traveled to the Tay Ninh province, northwest of Saigon, and marveled at the ornately designed Cao Dai cathedral. Cao Dai is a religion unique this province and blends the belief systems of Christianity, Taoism and Buddhism. We stayed for a while to observe their noonday service.

More about my Saigon vacation in future posts.


Tom said...

Well, the water in the puppet show look pretty muddy isn't it. Anyway, I've seen it in Saigon but haven't in Hanoi before. Gotta catch it next time.

Stella Arnaldo said...

Tom I believe it was meant to be so...if you keep the water clear, the audience will be able to see the water puppeteers swimming below.

Thanks for dropping by.