March 25, 2008

Bilib si Ellen sa Pinoys!

IN case you missed it, Ellen de Generes on Good Friday said she wanted to have as a guest on her show, Arnel Pineda, singer of a local band called Zoo, and who has been doing covers of Journey songs. Apparently, one of the Journey guys (it wasn't Randy Jackson, silly!), saw Arnel singing on Youtube and auditioned him for a chance to sing with the band in States. (Didn't even know these guys were still around, to be honest, and I was never a fan, sorry to Steve Perry fans out there.) And now, Arnel is recording a new Journey album. Waw!

But what was cool was that Ellen proclaimed that "there are very talented people in the Philippines!" Of course, she had wowed her audience only a couple of months ago by featuring Charice Pempengco. Hmmm... I wonder if she'd ever consider doing one of her shows here. We can show her just how many talented singers we really have around these parts.

Anyway, here's the video clip of Ellen and of Arnel Pineda. Another proudly Pinoy moment.

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