March 07, 2008

Talagang masarap!

(Family suite at Two Seasons. The extra room is to the left. It even has its own dining table and chairs inside. Photo from Two Seasons)

SO I went off to Boracay during my birthday weekend last month and stayed at Two Seasons Resort on Station 1 again. This time, Francine came along with brave of her to leave little Matthew behind. I know how mothers can hardly tear themselves away from their babies so I knew she was making such a big sacrifice to be with us for for 5 days and four nights! Hay naku, I so love my sis! (And of course, I so love my Pangs also for making all of this happen! Great buddies these two.)

We stayed at one of the family rooms in the resort and it was so huge! Great place to stay if you have family or a gaggle of friends with you. Aside from the two king-sized beds, there's a separate room with its own king-sized bed as well, and its own TV, DVD player, and Ipod stereo deck (aside from the ones in the main room). And of course, I just love, love, love the big banyo! Hay, I wish all resorts give some thought on making their bathrooms big and comfortable like what we have at home.

(Crispy rack of pork with char shiu rice, photo courtesy Two Seasons)

It was super cold though when we went there so I really wasn't able to take a dip. And so guess what we ended up doing? Eat of course!

The first time the gang and I stayed at Two Seasons, we were mightily impressed with the food at barLO Resto Lounge. So some of us thought, maybe it was just a fluke. We were just lucky 'cos the resort had just opened so of course, everything was special.

But four months after, when we returned, the food was still superb. I was pretty amazed and I hardly rave over food unless I think it's really good. (Yup, many restaurants now know I don't do favorable reviews if I don't like their food, unlike other food writers who get off from being fed for free.)

Everyday, a new dish ordered on the menu didn’t fail to disappoint — each had the ability to please all senses with its superior taste, aroma, color and presentation. Our favorites include the Home-made Nachos with ground beef, jalapeños, tomato salsa, and cheese; Three Mushroom and Truffle Cream Soup; the exciting and playful salads; the Crispy Rack of Pork with Char Shiu Rice; and the Molten Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce and Raspberry Compote, and Pineapple Ice Cream on the side.

(Prawns Marikudo and Spaghetti al Nero)

We were also happy that the restaurant had vegetarian selections such as Spaghetti with Grilled Fresh White Cheese, Garlic, Olives & Sauce Pomodoro. All dishes may be shared and extremely reasonably-priced, which is another surprise for guests. It's just unfortunate that the kitchen closes at 11 pm so if you want to stay in and watch a movie on your DVD player, you gotta order those perfectly crispy Nachos (and beers!) early on.

While part of the fun of vacationing in Boracay is to sample the dishes at various restaurants on the island, I would be very happy and content just eating in at Two Seasons.

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