March 27, 2008


WAS about to have dinner at the Shang Palace in Makati Shangri-La Hotel last night, and as Ms. RP and I were looking for a good table, I espied a function room with its door open. As I passed, Kris Aquino looked up. She appeared very sad, distressed, and obviously in pain. My heart immediately went out to her...the poor girl. She had just had a miscarriage and was dealing with the illness of her mother, former President Cory Aquino. Let's all pray for them please.

In one another table at the far corner of the restaurant was former First Lady Loi Ejercito and her amigas. I think they all have the same cosmetic surgeon.

In yet another function room with its door ajar, were Ambassadors Fred Yao (of Zest-O Corp.) and Donald Dee (chairman emeritus of PCCI) along with Asian Spirit owners Tony Ang (founder of CATS Motors), Toti Turalba (Active Group Inc.), and Lakas party/Ramos power broker Noel Oñate. There were two tables in that room, and all the men were dressed in business suits, while the women were spiffy in their nice cocktail dresses. Were they perhaps meeting about Yao's takeover of Asian Spirit? Could smell the tension in the air. Hmmm...

MS. RP and I eventually found a good table, but to our utter disappointment, there was no dimsum available. Diners can only order those delicious treats at lunchtime. Drat! I almost wished we had eaten at Inagiku instead.


anonymous said...

from negrosdude:

why do you call fred yao and donald duc.... er, dee (haha!) "ambassadors?" ms rp daw, haha - i know who that is, haha!

Stella Arnaldo said...

And we know who you are negrosdude! Sos kasabad!

Yao and Dee have been "bestowed" by your President the title of "special envoy" — Yao for tourism, and Dee for int'l trade. Thus they are now addressed as Ambassadors.

Ayan, kasi di ka na naman nag-basa ng BusinessMirror e!